12 Things in life to always Remember

12 Things in life to always Remember

12 Things in life to always Remember

  1. Well, the past can’t be changed. Well, it shouldn’t change. Because if it’s good then who wants to let it go. And if bad. Well, it’s good too because it teaches us to differentiate us from bad in the future.the past can't be change

2. So opinions don’t define your reality. Well, the opinion-makers are not the perfect judges eventually and they know only superficial certain aspects of yours. So opinions will never define the inner person inside you

  1. Journeys are the pathways. Well everybody is different. So everybody goes through different journeys of life to reach their best destination
  2. Judgments?. Well, it’s a funny aspect. The best person is the one who doesn’t think or work according to the judgmental pandits.
  3. The mind is the key. Mindset defines the ability of a person to have success in the battles of life. So don’t overthink and save the mind fuel for the best required timethe inner mind satisfaction
  4. Inner satisfaction or inner happiness is required for a satisfactory life. So a person should keep his head high to believe and stay calm and happy whatever happens.
  5. The mind possesses a treasure called thoughts. If we say humans are different then they are different in the way their thoughts are. And thoughts are shown in the form a mood of an individual
  6. Have you noticed a smiley face spreads happiness all around? The human race absorbs the emotions of the company around it. Smile is contagious we can sayhave a great day with smily face
  7. Why the world is so sad and catastrophic these days. Well, we can spread happiness by being kind to everyone. Because kindness is free

10. It is okay to let go. It is Ok to move on. It is Ok to get hurt. Life is not a Bollywood movie. It is a bumpy ride. You are here for a short period of time. You will die eventually. So just let go and move on from depressing experiences because life may have many best surprises for you.let is go the world is round be kind

  1. The world is round. Not anatomically but emotionally as well. If you will throw a pebble in the air. It will come back to strike you. So if you will hurt and play with someone. You are gonna payback.

12. Well, things eventually settle down. You should show some patience.  Hurdles gonna come. Life ain’t easy. But the best of you are those who are patient.  And ease will come. These hurdles are only to make you strong. Like a blacksmith strikes iron to make it the best of shapes.

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