7 Best Things In Daily Life Routine

7 Best Things In Daily Life Routine

7 Best Things In Daily Life Routine


The day you spent without these 7 things in life is worse for your future life.

I am here to inform you about your daily life routine,

How to spend this time properly to give you benefits for your future in good health and happy life. So let us start.

7 Best Things In Daily Life Routine.

1: Get Out in Nature

2: DO Exercise

3: Challenge Yourself

4: Spend time with family and friends

5: Be Optimistic

6: Express gratitude

7: Get Enough Sleep


1: Get out in Nature

Go out in nature

It doesn’t matter what age you are, just getting out and spend time outside in nature,

This time will feel you better what did you see, what kind of trees there,

What kind of birds there are, frogs and birds they told and sings.


Get out there and think about what you are seeing and what your learning from

nature, you are surrounded by the different nature greenery, fresh air to breathe.

the greenery you see will improve your sight seen.


You must do this activity daily get a reminder in your cell phone or clock.

The Beautiful nature is just such a calm and amazing thing and so full and so diverse,

and even when you are in the city you can get out and find little places full of nature

nice environment gets that peace gets you that fresh air at least a taste of it.


Remember to get out there and experience it, don’t forget its easy to kind of get caught

up in the rat race get caught up in your daily habits, but get outside get away from it.

All breathing the fresh air listening to nature listen to the birds.

Try to get away mentally and in your physical space.


I hope that helps you how do you like to get outside what are your favorite

things to do let me know.


2: Do Exercise


Do You know? Why Exercise should be part of your daily life routine.

Yes, The American Heart Association says each hour of exercise adds two hours

to your life.

You don’t have to be a hardcore fitness lover, just get moving

even a little exercise can help you live longer.

The other benefits of exercise activity are better mood, more energy, A good nights sleep,

More confidence, less stress, more productivity, weight control, strong bones and muscles, healthier heart, lower risk of cancer, and less arthritis pain (inflammation of a joint or joints pain ).

Try to exercise (workout) 30 minutes a day on most days on the weeks. it’s usually

the best medicine.


Walking 30 to 60 minutes a day is recommended for health and weight management, in fact, a brisk walk (energetic and quick walk) beats gym exercise and sports for staying slim. If you own a pair of shoes your city’s walking trails

and sidewalks or if you are in a village and you are surrounded by mountains

that all are a free fun sources for walking and convenient places to start walking today. Take an easy-paced 15-minute walk. Try walking five days a week to build a habit add a few extra minutes each time.

Keep track of your walks to stay on course aim for a brisk pace you may be breathing noticeably but not out of breath you. You should be able to carry on a full conversation while walking.


Note: If you have health concerns then contact your doctor before starting any exercise and walking.


3: Challenge Yourself


Life is itself a challenge.

Sun says wake up in the morning with great hope.

Sky says There is no limit to challenge yourself.

Sunset says Life gives second chance like tomorrow.

Mountains say Aim should be high.

Moon says chase your dream into reality.

Sea tides says Life has up-downs

Now in how manner you handle the challenges of life is define your life.

When life gets harder challenge yourself to be stronger.

if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.

if you don’t challenge yourself you will never realize what you can become.

don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.

every successful person has painful story.

every painful story has a successful ending.

accept the pain and get ready for success.

Don’t be a loser be a winner.


4: Spend time with family and friends


Do you know? what is the benefits of spending time with your family and friends,

The experts in the field of health and human development now believe that

Families that spend time together at the end of their day recounting

the stories of their day, that the individual members in that family are

happier healthier and smarter because of that bonding and fellowship.

and those benefits last a lifetime.


Try to get the whole family together and a certain time in a certain place

and when you throw in the competing interests of say smartphones and tablet and the internet

video games laptops even television the ability to get everybody on the same page can be a huge challenge.

But there is always a way for the solution of any problems we had found a way to guarantee meaningful

quality family time no objections no complaint and that the entire family is fired up about the time we spend together.

How to we do it welcome to our electronics free zone.

5: Be Optimistic

6: Express gratitude

7: Get Enough Sleep


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