Women's rights in Islam Perspective

Women’s rights in Islam Perspective Long ago, in Arab culture Women’s position before Islam, treated more likely commodity. Only as an object of the man’s needs. Forced to married at a very young age, divorced with arbitrarily, left with no status, being polygamy with no limits, as debt collateral, evenContinue Reading

Reasons for less literacy rate in Pakistan

Reasons for less literacy rate in Pakistan Education should be free for everyone because not everyone can afford a good and qualified higher education. Most of the people in Pakistan are less educated because they cannot afford higher education they cannot pay for higher education. The literacy rate in PakistanContinue Reading

The issue of terrorism in our country

The issue of terrorism in our country Introduction: The issue of terrorism in our country is deeply rooted for a long time. A lot of struggles are made till now to compensate the issue of terrorism but unfortunately, our beloved developing country is still not able to treat this lastContinue Reading

global warming causes,global warming effects

Global warming What are the main causes and solution of global warming? Introduction: What is international warming? Warming is that the average temperature of Earth has will increase since 1950 up to now the temperature continued increasing. Warming can even refers to global climate change that causes a rise withinContinue Reading

War and Peace

War and Peace Introduction: War is a bad evil, the greatest catastrophe that beats human beings. It creates lots of problems, causing death and destruction, disease and starvation, poverty, and ruin in its wake. One has solely to look back to the disturbance that was shaped in numerous countries, notContinue Reading

what is democracy, democracy government, dictatorship vs democracy

Democracy and Dictatorship Pros of Democracy: Democracy in any country suggests that the rule by electoral representatives. It’s been outlined as “the government of the individuals, by the individuals, for the individuals” Democracy rests on the principle of illustration. The individuals elect their representatives by the take associate degree election.Continue Reading

Real World Kashmir Issue

Real World Kashmir Issue What square measures the attainable solutions of geographical area issue? Scenario 1 The established order Kashmir has been a flashpoint between Bharat and Asian nations for over sixty years. presently a boundary. The road of management – divides the region in 2, with one half administeredContinue Reading