Five Secret Things in Life so keep quiet about

five secret things in life so keep quiet, five secret things in life

There are five secret things to keep quiet about that

Today I was thinking that there are almost many secret things which we have to Don’t tell anyone about them to anyone. So today I will write about only these 5 five secret things about which you should keep quiet.


Everyone has a dream about his life or his future plans. Everyone thinks about their career, they make plans, to do work, take actions, suffer dangers, pain and many many more things. But the secret of a successful person is that he/she doesn’t tell their plan to anyone.

They work in the darkness and their success will be in the light.
They don’t give up. They try hard and hard unless they get success and they don’t tell their plans to anyone.


Don’t tell anyone about your weakness to anyone because they will take benefit from it. People will always harass you about your weaknesses. The person you love the most in your life should be kept in a secret lock that no one can unlock it.

Try to avoid telling about your love to everyone, even your friends and cousins.
Weakness will be a barrier to your success
If you try to avoid telling about the person you love the most to others you will not be harassed by people to make you further weak.


Your job is the most important thing in your life to become a successful person, so whatever you earn, how much you earn you should not tell about your income to everyone, you should make a proper schedule by seeing your income to fulfill all your problems and needs.
You should not talk about your income to make savings.


Every person wants to get success in his life. So obviously he will want to take a step forward to make his life more advanced. you should make planning, hypotheses, deductions, etc to make your life better.
Don’t tell anyone about your future plans, they may copy you and leave behind you in your plans.


Family issues are those issues that are common in every home Nowadays.
Everyone has family issues, some have issues about husband-wife, some have sister brother issues, and etc.
You should n’t talk about these issues to anyone because they may be then Blackmailed in the future if they get your weakness they will harass you.
So keep quiet about these all 5 things to become a successful and peaceful person in your life.

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