How to Detach yourself and Stop Depending on someone Emotionally?

How to Detach yourself Emotionally

How to detach yourself and stop depending on someone emotionally?

Have you ever felt yourself

Have you ever felt yourself emotionally detach yourself from everything??

Have you ever been so disappointed in someone that you forgive them

immediately but in your mind, you’ve already detached yourself from

them completely?

Have you ever felt yourself emotionally detach yourself from everything.

Have you ever been so disappointed

It ‘sIt’s the best deal!

Some people aren’t worth the energy you give.

Have you ever been so disappointed with someone’s behavior that you forgive them and don’t say anything? But in your head, you detach yourself from them completely.

Make yourself happy

Become independent and always remember you are the only person

responsible for making yourself happy

Everybody, this is important! Up pointing index

You don’t “lose” people when you start standing up for yourself;

you elevate, and as a result, detach yourself from people who enjoyed

walking all over you.


Make yourself happy


This journey is all about faith. The more confidence you have, the more blessings

you can receive. Your manifestations are being blocked by your

unwillingness to trust in yourself and your spiritual team.

Remember that divine timing is hugely different from

our own timing Downwards arrow.

As soon as you learn to detach and focus on yourself and your soul

mission, you will be surprised. You are always protected and happy; what is meant for you can never be taken away.

Detach yourself from your ego

Your fate lies in your own hands; only you have the power to bring

these miracles about. If you can detach yourself from your ego (the idea of you), you can become immune to critics and negativity, Smiling face with three hearts Sparkles.

Forget about needing to be right and be! This will keep you so calm,

relaxed, beautiful, and healthy. You’ll become magnetic Magnet

once you understand this you will become a better person

for yourself and less emotionally independent from people …

Take time for yourself.

One way to do this is to take time for yourself. And be away from anyone

who you think you depend on too much to make you happy

until you can figure out what are all the things that’s makes you happy

when you are on your own, it takes time and a lot of will power

but you can do it.


Start loving yourself

Start loving yourself more than anyone else

and what if we value someone more than ourselves?

Start by guarding your thoughts and proactively stopping yourself

from thinking of the person.

It takes time, but it worked.

It easy if someone can do it.

It’s all about priorities.

Yourself always should be in top priority.

Just make a list or your relationship (family, relatives, and friends, etc.)

post them respectively as a priority.


Take time for yourself,Start loving yourself,Make yourself happy

Erase people who hurt you

Erase people who hurt you the most respected.

In last you will find yourself and your family who don’t hurt you.

Then start changing your priorities.

If you don’t want to be hurt, you will start depending on someone else.

Just right down the hurting moment made by the person, you depend upon.

Everyone knows, expectations hurt and spoil.

Start to work on yourself slowly.

Therapy, self-help books, etc.

(I started going to co decency meetings).

That’s what helped the most.

Example of Staying with someone emotionally

Staying with someone emotionally is like a stapler pin

Easy to attach, hard to detach

The worst thing about emotions precisely like a stapler pin is that

when finally separate, it leaves the spot damage.

Start Writing Diary

But it easy for those with that can control their soul

Self-pity is sometimes the cause.

Start Writing Diary

You suppressed your self something is hurting you unconsciously.

Take a dairy to write there your thoughts and incidents randomly and then burn it or share

with whom you trust, release yourself.

Detach yourself from this Dunya

Start making decisions by yourself and face the challenges.

My reminder; detach yourself from this Dunya it isn’t worth it, I seclude

myself to worship Allah, why? Because I remind myself that this is what

we will end up in, no one with you, no money, none of that

designer clothing, no family&friends. Just you & your needs.

A man came to the Prophet and said: “O Messenger(saw) of God,

direct me to an act, which if I do, God will love me and other people will love me.”

He(saw said: “Detach yourself from the planet, and God will love you.

Love for the deen and respect for the Dunya cannot coexist in one’s heart.

What you attach to your heart is what you will follow.

Detach yourself from what’s with the people, and therefore the people will love you.”

Try to avoid this at the start cause once you’re totally

into someone emotionally, there’s no way back

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