how to make wireless earphone easily at home

how to create wireless earphone

How to create Wireless Earphones

If you wish the liberty wireless headphones enable however have solely customary wired headphones, you will not grasp that it’s doable to convert them to wireless. This method needs simply many tools and materials however will prevent cash by not having to shop for new headphones.

First Step

Unplug your headphones from any device they’ll be connected to and take away the cushion from one finish of the headphones (if your headphones have speaker cushions).

Second Step

Remove the screws covering the speaker on the plate. Find the 2 earpiece wires within the phone.

Third Step

Remove the screws from the plastic housing of your tiny FM radio, and take away the motherboard assembly from the housing.

Fourth Step

Strip concerning an in. of sheath off of the earpiece wires with the wire cutters. use caution to chop solely the sheath and not the particular wires.

Fifth Step

Solder the ends of each earpiece wires to the terminal on the radio motherboard marked “Stereo Output.”

Sixth Step

Place the motherboard assembly within the earpiece. The radio batteries are connected to the motherboard, therefore make certain there’s area to put them within the earpiece. Tape or glue the assembly to the within of the earpiece and replace the earpiece plate, screws and cushion.

Seventh Step

Cut holes within the facet of the earpiece to account for volume and different knobs connected to the assembly.

Eighth Step

Plug your FM transmitter jack into the port in your MP3 player and switch it on. Use the frequency knob on the motherboard assembly of the radio to line it to the frequency on the transmitter. The headphones can currently be connected to the MP3 player or audio device.

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