How to select technology for your future

How to select technology for your future, new technology trends , future technologies that will change the world

How to select technology for your future.

If you go a few years back you will know it was very easy to select a technology because we were having limited options. Right now we had cloud computing they were having Android development. We were having web development and then things were the bit easy part of the development we were having testing new trends, we were having the support work right. So you are interested in testing for new technology topics, of course, you will go for testing something new if you have interested in development in that option, we have let’s say of you love mobile phones and or if you want to work in a consumer market you may go for android or web development and if you want to go for the enterprise market, of course, you will work on some advanced framework.

But now in this year of the new industrial revolution, things are a bit difficult and different right because we have so many options now. Thanks to these new terms like blockchain, machine learning, cloud-native and mobile web computing, Artificial intelligence, internet of things IoT, 5G new technology trends nowadays. Now many of you are confused, how to start? what topics should I start? what my mind goes for which trend? Learning what to select right now? Thinking face and so many thoughts come to our minds.

What technology I should choose?

These are very hot now like what technology should I choose? machine learning and blockchain most of the people they are moving toward machine learning (red ocean). Because it sounds great and then people who are not familiar with blockchain there are certain companies who are promoting blockchain lord and that’s why we are moving towards that as well.

How do you know which is best suited for you??

In fact, these questions create in everybody minds a lot of time on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social sites. In fact in males as well and it is actually very difficult to answer that because it cant be simply said Hey go for blockchain, go for android and so on. Because if it is something good for me may not be good for you. For example, if I love blockchain maybe it will not suit you because I have different backgrounds, I have a different way of thinking towards technology and you might be having something to spend. Another example if you are a hardcore android developer I can’t simply ask you to go for machine learning. It may not suit you. You can excel in android itself.

Final selection what you want go for

So how do you select something, not towards this question we have, we have a very simple sentence “Be a jack of all and master of one”

Because no one can ask you to do something. If someone says go for machine learning how do you know it will suit you. In short, I will en up my this conversation about what technology I should go for.  Be brave and if you willing to learn about some new technology go for it, learn from basics to advance step by step. You will definitely achieve what you want.

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