Knowledge is power review

Knowledge is power review

knowledge is power review

The is always said to be that Knowledge is the power which is true whether the power which knowledge gives be used for good or evil. Teachers by their knowledge can create a society full of educated people. The teacher can gain and convey knowledge to their students, so by this chain, the society gets educated and they all contribute to the prosperity of the nation. But the evil user of a blackmailer, by his knowledge of some guilty secret, can bleed his victim white under the threat of disclosure. In Europe, the two biggest universities that are Cambridge and Oxford were made in the thirteenth-century indicates that they know that the upcoming era is the era of knowledge and education. Liberty and modernity can be achieved through knowledge. It helps increase obedience to the law, assistance to guardians of the law, intelligence and trust in politics, public service and personal goodness of an individual.

Civilized nations can dominate ignorant savage races. It is their superior knowledge that gives the cultured manpower over these people who are physically, but not intellectually, their equals. Education is so widespread that even the working classes are educated, people. So in the great democracies, the people know rule themselves, and are no longer under the domination of priests and kings, as they advanced in knowledge. Napoleon was of the view that gives me good mothers and I will give you a good nation. Which can be meant as educated mothers. Because the power of knowledge can make nations good and prosper.

Great knights, kings and ruling princes very often could not even read and write. Kings had to appointed priests as their ministers. The soldiers, the man of the sword, though he was the master; but he was really in the hands of priests, the men of the pen. It was the same in ancient India, the learned Brahmin was for ages the real rulers of Indian states. They dominated the lower, ignorant casts; and their knowledge enables them to manage the Raja and Maharaja.

Physically, man is a comparatively weak animal but he is called to be the crown of creatures because naturally strong animals like horses and lion have not the ability to gain knowledge. Man conquers all these strong beasts and forces some of them to be his servants. The knowledge produced opportunities help in advancing the economy as the educated class can better enhance the social, economic, political and cultural prosperity across the globe. It has a direct influence on the ruling, working, middle and lower classes of the society. Knowledge is power as Plato wanted and proposed his king to be a philosopher, which means the ruling person of the state should be an educated person, a philosopher-king.

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