Life Changes Experiences Growing Through the Teen ages

Life Changes Experiences Growing Through the Teen ages

Life Changes Experiences Growing Through the Teen ages

Every person when grows through the teen ages experiences different sort of evolutionary changes to his life. And he begins to think about why the world is like this.

Actually the world was like this always. It was there the same. Its the person who is exposed to some sad realities of this world. Like the other, in India, some people killed a pregnant elephant who was so hungry and the cruel people gave the poor female elephant explosives hidden food. And she died. On the other hand, a white supremacist killed a black named George Floyd. So all these cruelties are there in this world.

i can breathe now,i can not breathe in world anymore

So when a young person gets to know about the reality of this world for the first time. He begins to wonder in distress. He shouldn’t. He should be positive. And he should start the awareness and care for animals snd humans as much as he can. He should mark the initiation of the change he wants to see in this world. Each drop will be once an ocean. We cant remove all bad things from this world. But we can try and try to reduce the sad realities. If one believes in oneself. He can achieve wonders.

A few of my friends started a small initiative of helping the poor and needy. They are simple university students. Everybody initially thought about what a group of students can achieve. But they were positive. They started a charity foundation. And soon they got so many funds and success that now they are helping poor people of every second and community in millions.

take a small step buil commuinity and help poor people

So what we learn is that if we mark the beginning of change by believing in ourselves and if we take a small step in a positive direction. It can gradually cause a huge impact. Me being a medical student in hospital I used to have so much kindness for poor and needy people. Used to facilitate them in each way possible.

If we all change ourselves in a way we want to see the world. We can achieve wonders. Results do come with patience.

Regards Writer: Muqadas

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