Mountain hiking near me Dehrai Kobandbaba Topai Sar Dir Lower

Topai Sar , Topai Top Dir Lower

Mountain hiking near me Dehrai Kobandbaba Topai Sar Dir Lower

Hey Everyone! I know you are getting bored in the home. Have you any mountains near you? If yes! I have a plan for you to come on join me and let’s have fun together. The Plan is having some food, water, and to walk long together, Hiking to the mountain where you can find silence, cheers of birds, fresh breath in the air, and a little bit cold too.

Our mission is to find new places near to us have a long walk 2hours-3hours distance. Lets us find these new places and also make some beautiful memories that we can share with others, help others to attract them too toward such a beautiful place.

Many of us traveling on the road to visit beautiful tourist places. But our mind is totally different. No Bus, Car only two feet and walking. We are talking about Malakand Division Lower Dir, The District Lower Dir is also the part of Malakand in the Pakistani province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Topai top view Dherai

Hiking to the top of mountain Dehrai Kobandbaba Topai Sar Dir Lower, the new place to visit in KPK Dir Lower Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Kpk District Lower Dir Beautiful places, The view from this place is amazing most famous places can be seen from here like Malakand Pass mountain, Chakdara, Ouch, Gulabad, Ziarat Talash, Timergara, Laram top, Dehrai Village, Khairabad, Shahbad Pakistan Park, Kotigram, Osakai, Teso, Chekho, Swat Mountains, Swat river, Greenery everywhere, The Cloud in the sky and many other amazing views.

I recommend this place to all those people who have energy and can hike on the mountain, Hiking is tough but the end is amazing. This will be the future most visit place InshaAllah.
Dir District is the conservative and religious area so to be more comfortable and respectful adapt yourself according to the tradition of that area. The tour trip on road to Dir Area is worst because the conditions of the roads becoming worse toward the places you want to go to. So Hiking is better than a trip on the road. Soon the roads will also be better in the future.

The other amazing view place that I can see from here Topai Top (Topai Sar)

Laram Top Dir Lower Valley KPK Pakistan Famous Tourist Point

Dir’s Laram top has become a tourist hot spot after the snowfall. This beautiful area in Adenzai also referred to as “Laram Sar” or “Radar” having beautiful natural scenery, hill station within the Lower Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, of Pakistan at a distance of 30 km from Chakdara and 180 km from Peshawar area. It’s located at an elevation of 8500 ft above the ocean level, surrounded by verdant mountains, towering trees and drenched clouds.

Laram top view

The famous historical Talash valley is placed on the southwestern side of the region. the highest receives heavy snowfall during the winter season and attracts tons of tourists to its lap for a cool feeling within the sizzling heat of summer. Laram Top “Laram Sar” is capable of being reached from different areas of Lower Dir like Rabat, Talash, Ouch and Timergara. Two roads cause the highest , but the foremost favored one is from Ouch, about 21 km long and taller track for about 5 km up to the bottom of Laram mountain, then a track road, about 17 km, to the highest of Laram.

The tourist majority of them children and youth were seen enjoying the snow on a sunny afternoon within the winter season. Most of the people walked on foot for about 5 kilometers to succeed in the laram top during snowfall because the road remained closed thanks to heavy snowfall. the great news is that you simply can tour these places driving from Islamabad on Kernal Sher khan interchange, swat motorways and therefore the last 1.3km tunnel to Chakdara side.

Pakistan Park Shahbad Dherai

view from pakitsan park

The Pakistan Park Shahabad Dherai is additionally one of the dazzlingly beautiful spots for tourism in Lower Dir Malakand Division. it’s located about 2 Km faraway from Ouch sharqi in Adenzai. the bulk of individuals that are visiting this place are family and youngsters. Often most people come to the present place during the festival and special days like Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

Pakistan Park shahabad

The good news is that you simply can tour these places driving from Islamabad on Kernal Sher khan interchange, swat motorways and therefore the last 1.3km tunnel to Chakdara side by road.

Our Plan completed we arrive at the top of Topai Top where we stayed for a while did the lunch enjoy a lot. We also visit a grave there, the grave of a woman martyred. Till the sunset, we stay there and then return back to home. It’s amazing while hiking we get to take almost 3 hours but in returning home we get it takes only 1 hour.
At the last Don’t forget to get some rest after getting back home.

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