artificial intelligence

Google Dominate Artificial Intelligence How Google aims to dominate artificial intelligence? Overview: In November 2007, Google set the groundwork to dominate the mobile market by releasing android, associate open ¬source operating system for phones. Eight years later to the month, mechanical man has associate eighty % market share, and GoogleContinue Reading

How to save money fast

Save Money | How to save your money? Overview: Sometimes the toughest factor concerning saving cash is simply obtaining started. This gradual guide for a way to avoid wasting cash will assist you to develop an easy and realistic strategy, therefore you’ll, on the other hand, all of your short-Continue Reading

Real World Kashmir Issue

Real World Kashmir Issue What square measures the attainable solutions of geographical area issue? Scenario 1 The established order Kashmir has been a flashpoint between Bharat and Asian nations for over sixty years. presently a boundary. The road of management – divides the region in 2, with one half administeredContinue Reading

Kashmir conflict

Asian nation and Asian country fight over Kashmir Why Asian nations and Asian countries fight over Kashmir? The geographic area: Jammu and Kashmir’s geographic region is an ethnically various mountain chain region, covering around eighty-six,000 sq. miles (138 sq. km), and known for the sweetness of its lakes, meadows andContinue Reading