What do you think Gurgurey is healthy or not

Know About Gurgurey Fruit Have you guys ever listened about these different names Gurguray, Gurgurey Gurgorah, Gwargurah, Huckleberry or Gargol. If you don’t, I highly recommend this fruit for you guys just try Gurguray very sweet and delicious fruit in the summer season Fruit of the mountains.   Why IContinue Reading


  LOVE MAKES LIFE BEAUTIFUL Every person has a relation with his/her family, friends, relatives, and people around them. Actually, this relation is strong if there is any strength, love, sympathy, care, unity, and trust in their lives. Nowadays all relationships become weak and weak due to injustice between sonContinue Reading

12 Things in life to always Remember

12 Things in life to always Remember Well, the past can’t be changed. Well, it shouldn’t change. Because if it’s good then who wants to let it go. And if bad. Well, it’s good too because it teaches us to differentiate us from bad in the future. 2. So opinionsContinue Reading

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Invention

Entrepreneurship Today I’m going to talk about disciplined entrepreneurship a few steps to successfully launching a new venture. What I’m going to start with is what is entrepreneurship? because this term is used all the time it’s bandied about everyone for entrepreneurship. However, there are two fundamentally  different types ofContinue Reading