Real World Kashmir Issue

Real World Kashmir Issue

Real World Kashmir Issue

What square measures the attainable solutions of geographical area issue?

Scenario 1
The established order

Kashmir has been a flashpoint between Bharat and Asian nations for over sixty years. presently a boundary. The road of management – divides the region in 2, with one half administered by Bharat and one by the Asian nation. Bharat would really like to formalize this established order and build it the accepted international boundary. however Asian nation and Kashmiri activists reject this arrangement as a result of they each need larger management over the region.

Scenario 2
Kashmir joins the Asian nation

Pakistan has systematically favored this because of the best answer to the dispute. insight of the state’s majority Muslim population, it believes that it’d vote to become a part of the Asian nation. but one vote control in a very region that contains peoples that square measure culturally, religiously and ethnically numerous, would produce malcontent minorities. The Hindus of Jammu, and also the Buddhists of Ladakh have not shown any want to hitch the Asian nation and would protest at the end result.

Scenario 3
Kashmir joins Bharat

The Muslim inhabitants of Pakistani-administered Jammu and geographical area, together with the Northern Areas, have not shown any want to become a part of Bharat.

Scenario 4
Independent geographical area

The difficulty of adopting this as a possible answer is that it needs Bharat and Asian nation to present up territory, that they’re not willing to try and do. Any vote or vote doubtless to end in a majority vote for independence would so in all probability be opposed by each Bharat and Asian nation. it’d even be rejected by the inhabitants of the state WHO square measure content with their standing as a part of the countries to that they already owe allegiance.

Scenario 5
A smaller freelance geographical area

An freelance {kashmir|Kashmir|Cashmere|Jammu and {kashmir|Kashmir|Cashmere|Jammu and geographical area|geographical area|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region}|geographical area|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} can be created from the Kashmir vale – presently below Indian administration – and also the slender strip of land that the Asian nation calls Azad Jammu and Kashmir. this could leave the strategically necessary regions of the Northern Areas and Ladakh, bordering China, below the management of Asian nation and Bharat severally. but each Bharat and Asian nation would be unlikely to enter into discussions that might have this state of affairs as an attainable outcome.

Scenario 6
Independent geographical area vale

A freelance geographical area vale has been thought of by some because the best answer as a result of it’d address the grievances of these WHO are fighting against the Indian Government since the uprising began in 1989. however, critics say that, while not external help, the region wouldn’t be economically viable.

Scenario 7
The Chenab formula

This plan, initially urged within the Sixties, would see geographical area divided on the road of the stream Chenab. this could provide the overwhelming majority of the land to the Asian nation and, as such, a transparent triumph in its long dispute with Bharat. the whole vale with its Muslim majority population would be brought among Pakistan’s borders, likewise because of the majority Muslim areas of Jammu.

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