How to remove facial hair very easily without side effect

remove facial hair without side effect

How to remove facial hair very easily?

Are you fed up with your facial hair?
So don’t worry about it, I will tell you how you will able to remove your facial hair very easily. I will tell you a procedure and you should follow it step by step.


  1.  Corn flour.
  2.  Salt
  3.  Soda
  4.  Lemon
  5.  Two drops of rose water.
  6.  One packet of Multani mitti (Multani Soil).
  7.  Alovera jell.
  8. Smoothing lotion.


1st takes a clean jar and put the cornflour in it, then put water in it and make a mixture. Add some salt and lemon in it with 2-3 drops of rose water. Make a paste and apply on face till the paste become dry.

Now don’t rinse it. When it becomes dry, try to remove it by hand. After that apply to smooth lotion for perfect skin.
After that apply aloe vera gel on the face to remove bacteria or pathogens that may cause illness to skin. After that apply Multani mitii (Multani Soil) for the smooth texture of the skin.


Benefits are the following:

  1. Other hair removal creams are very effective in skin
  2. They have many side effects
  3. Skin me be allergic to that cream
  4.  Hair can again grow with hard heads.
  5.  It may stay black spots on the skin due to pimples.

But this homemade paste has no side effects, you can apply on dry as well as oily skin.
You can try it more than once in a day.

Try to aware of others.

You can also use bleaching creams if you don’t want to remove your hair and you want to hide them, then apply simple bleaching cream on them taking the heavy dose of dry powder for short time. But it has an effect on sensitive skin, it maybe feels like a burning sensation on the skin due to chemicals in it.

You can simply apply lemon on the face in daily routine to kill microbes and dust on the face.
Stay happy stay healthy.

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