See the first expression to arrived Pakistan Karachi First time Excited Emotions

Excited Emotions By Jordan Exploring the Beauty of Pakistan

See the first expression to arrived Pakistan Karachi First time Excited Emotions

Let’s GO! There are places in this world that are old. Then there are places that are older. And there are places where the deserts turn to forests, turn to seas, turn to mountains.

There are places in the world where the word stranger doesn’t seem to exist, Where everyone that you meet treats you like a long lost friend. You might’ve heard things about it. But one day you decide to go see it for yourself.

This is Pakistan the world 1st rank declared tourist destination spot of the year 2020. And the World’s third declared highest potential Adventure country.

Excited Emotions By Jordan Exploring the Beauty of Pakistan

Welcome! to Pakistan.

So here I am telling you the stories and experience about Pakistan by an American Vlogger YouTuber (Travellight2), Jordan Taylor.

According to Jordan Taylor Pakistan is an extremely beautiful country, she admired Pakistani dresses, Pakistani foods, and Pakistani culture.

Welcome to Pakistan

Excited Emotions By Taylor Jordan Exploring the Beauty of Pakistan

She Starts from here… I first stood eight years ago long before. I arrived long before I even knew much about this country. But I kept hearing over and over as if you all knew that one day I would have to come here. I would have to take all of you on this adventure it’s been said to me thousands of times. And now I can say it to you Welcome to Pakistan.


Excited Emotions By Taylor Jordan Exploring the Beauty of Pakistan

The first expression to arrived Pakistan

I am going to try to talk a little bit about my first impressions of Pakistan. Talking about my first impressions is really cool. Because I get to kind of put myself back in that place again of what I felt and saw. And thoughts when I first came here because as of now. I have seen a lot of the country and well you’ll have to see that the rest of the videos for all. That my absolute first impression is really easy to tell you guys because it was definitely just how welcoming and hospitable everyone is here.

I have traveled to a lot of countries Pakistan has been the most welcoming. This is something that I really loved because I love. When places develop their own kind of character and uniqueness and I definitely saw that in Pakistan.

Excited about to travel Pakistan First time

Excited about to travel Pakistan First time

Jordan excited about Pakistan. Guys the day has finally come for me to go to Pakistan. I got all the stuff and you know what’s waiting for us there. I have just arrived in Karachi and I am so so excited. It is so nice everybody here is just so welcoming and genuinely nice and excited that I’m here. I know just so great.

Honestly, I’m just so excited about being in Pakistan right now. I mean I’ve wanted to come here if you’re so so long. It just seemed impossible before and now I’m actually here in Pakistan. I’m so excited that I just don’t even care that I’m tired. I want to just go out and start exploring my first stop in Pakistan was Karachi.

travel Pakistan First time

Exploring Karachi City

Karachi the largest city in the country. It didn’t take me long to get an impression of how massive and vibrant it was or to make new friends with we don’t need anymore. Where are we driving right now?


French beach, Karachi beach in Pakistan

French beach the best french beach. It’s really cool over this way in the distance you can see all of the skyscrapers. I’m not going to get out my big camera to film too much because there’s a lot of sand everywhere we can say.

French beach, Karachi beach in Pakistan

The Story Starts from Karachi

I think that the first example would be all of these busses that I saw driving around in Karachi and they are so unique. And cool and I could describe them but I think the best way is to just show you. It’s about to be evening right now in Karachi that really comes alive at night. There’s not so much going on in the day this is partly because of how very extremely hot is in the daytime.

It’s just so crazy going back so once the Sun Goes Down. And it starts to cool down like right now then everybody starts coming out. It’s common for people to start going out of their house around 1:00 in the morning to start the evening. So I think I’ll be having late dinners here can’t wait.

Another first impression of Pakistan this is a night that I will not be forgetting. I went out with nada and some more new friends everybody is just hanging out at these open-air cafes or by the side of the road. There will be little cafes and we went to a shop it was my first time having a Pakistani fantastic chai. And well you’re gonna be seeing a lot more of it in this series. Because I have not stopped drinking we ordered some food and it was amazing this food is so exquisitely delicious.

Karachi food is so exquisitely delicious

Right now nana is helping me explore a market here and helping me shop for some clothes. One looks really beautiful more this everything is so colorful and beautiful nice. That was a sandstorm it was crazy because it just came out of nowhere one second we were walking you to the restaurant. The next second just getting blasted by sand there’s so much sand in my teeth in my eye. If you guys know me you probably know that wherever I go in order for me to truly fall in love with the place.

The biggest fort in the world Ranikot Fort Great Wall of Sindh

the Great Wall of Sindh

I need adventure and exploration the first ancient site that I went to did not disappoint. We have just been driving through the most remote desert for quite some time and now we have reached this epic fort. This is the biggest fort in the world the Great Wall of Sindh I can’t wait to go inside with the fight song. No words to even describe how epic this place is it is called Ranikot Fort which means Queens Village or Queens town. And this work was founded by Cyrus the Great in 540 BC.

The biggest fort in the world Ranikot Fort Great Wall of Sindh

This fort is so very old and so much of it actually they don’t know about the history. Yet a lot of the history that we are hearing about here just comes from the local people and their own stories in this area. That has been passed down there are all of these walls surrounding the fort. I am walking on right now and they are comparable to the Great Wall of China. They are actually older than the Great Wall of China.

the biggest fort in the world the Great Wall of Sindh

There’s all these corridors and stairs and twisting little pathways. And another staircase down here right now this is such a sense of exploration and discovery. It’s huge so it’s pretty hard to feel like you’ve seen all of it can save you but well does this remind you of anything. This is still part of the fort we were driving for so long it’s crazy. How long we were driving and that we’re still in the fort. Because the defensive walls of this fort encompass 30 square kilometers which are a huge amount. These were the defensive walls of the fort protecting the main area at the heart of the property.

Another amazing first impression. I had in Pakistan that I wasn’t really expecting or I guess like looking for was I don’t know just the sense of peace. That’s the best word that I can think of to describe it a sense of peace within the culture. This was kind of just a feeling that I got and like in a lot of conversations that I had with the new friends.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

I was making a kind of difficult to pinpoint but one thing that I can use as an excellent example. I have come to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral here in Karachi. And it just so happens today to be Palm Sunday.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Church in Karachi

Church in Karachi

I have to admit I was a little surprised when a local recommended that I go visit a church in Karachi. What was most moving to me was to see people of other religions coming to visit the church – There was a Muslim man walking around observing he called over one of the priests to explain the holiday for him and the two men actually sat down together for quite a while.

There was no hint of animosity or separation just two people talking in 1878 something. I have just now learned that I think is so interesting is that there are a variety of religions in Pakistan. And just within Karachi, there are over 300 churches religious tourism is very popular here the diversity of religion being celebrated. And embraced by people something that I also just learned is that the green of the Pakistani flag represents Islam which is the majority religion. But then the white parts of the flag represent all of the other religions included in Pakistan.

This sort of thing is so great to see in the world and honestly, I wasn’t really expecting that in Pakistan. It’s something that I found not only in this first video likes the first impression but all over Pakistan as well.

Shah Abbas Qalandar shrine

So yeah it was just really encouraging to see that for me. I am here as a love Shah Abbas calendar shrine. So beautiful it’s just beyond beautiful it’s a feeling of peace and also energy in here. Because I was just in the hall over there there’s this spirit of celebration you can see. That the ceiling is the atmosphere is just so welcoming and all of the people are so friendly beautiful. It’s very busy here locals have come from maybe Obama very much

I just have seen the most amazing thing it was a sort of dance but form of worship or prayer or dance or all of those combined. It was so amazing such a feeling like that and I’ve never seen anything like it.

Shah Abbas Qalandar shrine


I hope that you liked this my first few days and impressions here in Pakistan. I have so many more Pakistan adventures coming up for you guys. I cannot wait to show you.

Little local Road trip from Karachi to Mahalo

What would it take for you to love a place would it be the cities or the tiny villages the epic sites or the ordinary ones. Would it be the people or the people that have come before them? Just waking up this morning and getting ready to go out. I heard something outside my door and look at the next part of my adventure through Pakistan was to basically go on a road trip from Karachi to Mahalo for another city one province. Went on the road trip for most of the time we were driving across the province of Sindh.

Little local Road trip from Karachi to Mahalo

Indus River

Instead of taking the big highways. I wanted to take the little local roads. There a lot slower but you get to stop and see so many amazing places along the way and of course that’s just what we did come down to the Indus River right here. It’s just amazing to be here in person because you know you hear so much about it in history books. This is where so much of ancient history has happened on the shores of this river. I think I’m gonna go in one of these little boats out onto the water.

Indus River

The beginning of human civilization

Before we go any further I should take you back to the beginning I don’t mean the beginning of my trip or even the beginning of this country. I mean the beginning of human civilization because it started right here in Pakistan in the entire world. It was the largest most powerful civilization in the world largely the beach in Egypt and larger than ancient Mesopotamia. Something that is so amazing about this place is that they’re still so much about it that it’s unknown and that is completely a mystery. There are ancient writings we hear but no one knows what they mean they remain untranslated since they were discovered in 1922. The mystery of it kind of gives it this allure I guess besides being the first civilization as well as the most powerful.



At that time Mohenjo-Daro also had one of the longest periods of peace in human history. Even people in ancient Egypt would have thought of Mohenjo-Daro as ancient history considering how old it is. It’s really surprising just how advanced these people were and how they ran their society. So they did not have kings they elected officials to govern the city and ran their civilization with democracy.

Although there was a wall around the city there were no Armed Forces no soldiers no army guarding their civilization. They were very peaceful people I am now down in all of the little streets of this city are beyond amazing. It’s all around me in a lot of areas of the city were. This was where they would put the trash and the public could put their trash there for it to be taken away.

So this was probably a very clean City because it was built into the structure and a lot of points

for them to keep it clean. Mohenjo-Daro was just remarkably advanced they were masters of water they had complex irrigation systems flushable toilets swimming pools. They actually had indoor plumbing running inside the walls of their houses. This is an original drainage system is here is covered drainage along a larger street here amid the city this is debris but this is amazing. These are the bricks see pottery shards in here and even this is bone. Here is bone this is pottery this is a piece of pottery just right.

Mohenjo-Daro city

They’re behind me, you can see the first swimming pool it is 8 feet deep the people of Mohenjo-Daro were obviously very very intelligent. Unfortunately their history and their knowledge of the language has been lost to us.

One of the biggest mysteries about Mohenjo-Daro is why it ended?. Because seem to be flourishing wealthy and powerful. And then all of a sudden it was just abandoned and no one knows why around 40,000 people lived in Mohenjo-Daro. But only 44 skeletons have ever been found people have looked for maybe a mass graveyard somewhere nearby. But if it exists no one has found it yet leaving Mohenjo-Daro the weather right now is just absolutely perfect. It’s that sort of temperature where it’s not hot it’s not cold it’s just absolutely perfect.

the biggest mysteries about Mohenjo-Daro

Bahawalpur Pakistan

Now over there gonna have some dates because apparently in this area. It’s very famous there very good well the dates were so good that I forgot to film eating them and on time. I remembered they were gone from there it was on to my next city in Pakistan the Bahawalpur Pakistan located in the province of Punjab.

Bahawalpur Pakistan

Shahi Bazar

I have come to Shahi Bazar in the Bahawalpur and let’s go see everything. That is going on here because everything that I see is just fascinating and I want to stop it. We are talking about you’re here for shopping. All right now right this very second we were walking around the market for a bit together and talking. Definitely noticing is how clean it is there are people sweeping some streets here and there’s not even any trash left to be swept top.

Shahi Bazar

Process making naan

I have just seen them making naan they invited me to watch the entire process This is the oven that it goes in and it’s making more back there. Now and now I’m gonna eat the naan that I just saw I can’t wait to have some tea that’ll be awesome thank you.

Process making naan

Tea store

Beautiful till tonight this place is called an Aseem tea store. And have you can hear me with all the honking you should come here. The guy is so nice he would not even let me pay for the tea. He would not take the money he gave me

Tea store

Noor Mahal in Bahawalpur in Pakistan

Right now I have just seen a lovely sound and light show here at the norma hall. It is a palace the story of this place is that there was a princess and this entire place was built specifically for her. And after it was completed she rode here in grand array. I am sure and she stood at the rooftop she looked out and surveyed. The grounds and decided it wasn’t for her she didn’t like it at all and she would not even spend one single night here. So she left and ever since the palace has been used for employees and meetings. Now things like this behind me right now this is a library it looks like a little palace good side.

Noor Mahal in Bahawalpur in Pakistan

A Library looks like a palace

I am on the second floor of the library now and it beautiful there are over 300,000 books here. it was built in 1924.

Library looks like a palace

Rolls-Royce story

Outside of this library is a vintage Rolls-Royce car and this car has such a funny story behind it. So apparently the Nawab the ruler of this area in the 1930s traveled to London and he was in the showroom of Rolls-Royce looking to perhaps buy a car there. But he wasn’t dressed in his king’s clothes just in regular clothes. So based on this the people in the showroom told him, Sir, what are you doing here you have to leave get away from here you don’t belong here. You are not good enough to come to our showroom so he left and he went back to his kingdom and he bought two Rolls-Royce’s from Egypt, not from London.


And he wore his kingly clothes and his sash and his crown and everything and then he rode in the cars and used the cars to sweep the streets we attached. Anza prints to them and sent the pictures back to London and to Rolls Royce who saw this and it got in the newspapers that now Rolls Royces are being used to clean the streets. Because of the insult to the king so they sent an official apology and said we’re sorry please do not use our Rolls-Royce cars to clean the street and that’s the story of the car.

Rolls Royces are being used to clean the streets

Derawar Fort Bahawalpur Pakistan

How are you exploring that there are four right now this is Derawar Fort. For this fort let’s explore the fort, is it? Yeah right now I am standing on the balcony of a king and he would actually watch from here. And then order criminals to be executed and from way up here standing over everyone give the order here now are the King’s private quarters. And this is so beautiful in here it’s like a little palace.

Derawar Fort Bahawalpur Pakistan

This is the first underground room that I’m seeing it was an ammunition depot for the castle. So I was telling you guy show the King known as the Nawab in this area would be watching from his balcony. As the criminals would be given the order of death and this is where that would be happening. This is where the criminals were executed and the king would be watching from just a short while away right up there on his balcony.

the King known as the Nawab in this area

We have just come through a gate and now these are the quarters of the army that was defending the fort. And these here are some of their rooms this is where they lived speculation. I mean it goes all the way yeah I just imagine the soldiers from so long ago.

the quarters of the army ventilator

You know sitting in this room and maybe leaning against the window to catch the breeze discussing maybe a siege that was about to happen. Or battles that they had fought in the past this fort did act as a city there’s a village outside.


Whenever the village was under attack or in danger all of the villagers would come inside the fort. So there’s a Justice Department here police sort of matters pretty fancy look at on the walls and also on the roof up.

pretty fancy looking rooms

There the robber fort is unquestionably one of the most magnificent that I’ve ever seen. But tragically it is today falling into ruin. It is in danger of collapsing within the next decade’s visitors. Who has returned after only 10 years say that they’re absolutely shocked at the rapid deterioration of its condition. Hopefully, something is done to repair the fort soon before it’s too late.

So so many believe to be able to tell you guys exactly when this fort was built is a bit complicated. The original fort was built in the 9th century by a Hindu Rajah and it thrived for quite some time.

Because it wasn’t until 1732 that it was conquered by the Nawabs. So everything that you see above the ground that I have shown was built by the Nawabs. But everything below the ground which is mostly collapsed and in deteriorating condition was built by the Hindu Rajas.

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