Smoking in Public Area Must be Banned

Smoking in Public Area Must be Banned

Smoking in the Public Area Must be Banned

Smoking in Public Area

Smoking itself is bad. It must be banned in public areas. In public, there are different types & minds of people who got affected by smoking. Students in the public area receive negative effects of smoking. Patients of different types of diseases visit the public areas, public parks and they got more illness due to bad smoke if the cigarette. The smoker himself should take care of these peoples & don’t smoke in the public areas. Govt should take action against the people who smoke in the public area & charge them & also fined them.

Why smoking should be banned in public places

The students in the public area develop negative perceptions after seeing the man smoking in public areas. The students mostly develop curiosity in themselves about smoking to check it & think that why smokers are addicted to it what is in it. So to fulfill the curiosity the students do it & start smoking & get addicted to it. That person who is smoking in the public area has added more smokers to society as compared to make them less in numbers. Village due to that person who smokes in public area not only ruin the future of the students but add smokers to society. Due to this man who smokes in public not only the future of the students is in danger but the future of the society as well.

Should smoking be banned completely in the public

Smoking in the public must be banned because in the public area there are different types of patients visiting the public area for the purpose of relaxation. And if they found smokers in the public area then we can’t relax in that area Israel is there are chances of their disease to be get enhanced. For these patients, there are no chances for them to relax except they got more ill due to dirty smoke of the cigarette & polluted air. Some patients who are suffering from asthma type of diseases visit the public parks to enjoy the fresh year found smokers there who polluted the air and make them risky for asthmatic patients.

Effects of smoking in public places

The smokers in the public area are not only in danger for students and patients but they are also affecting the environment and the fresh air. The dirty smoke of tobacco affects the environment and makes the air polluted due to which not only the humans the animals and the birds and insects all are equally affected. It is therefore requested to the competent authority the park managers and the public areas in charges to take strict actions against the smokers and forbade them to smoke in the public area and if still, they are doing smoking in the public area must be charged and punished by the authority.  Because due to these smokers the future of the whole country is at risk, because if your students develop the negative perception then the students are the future of the country then if students are at risk the future of your country is at risk.

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