The True 7 Most Valuable things in life

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The True 7 Most Valuable things in life

Do you know there are many things which play an important role in our lives but we can’t buy them?

Let today I will tell you some examples based on this article that what are those things which we can’t buy but they have a crucial role in our lives.
Do you think what is time?
Do you ever think what is happiness, feelings, friendship, dreams, hope, love, health??
Do you think that these things are the most important but no one can buy it, no one can steal it from you?

1. Time:

Time is passing as you were growing, time is passing as the day comes, and the night goes, time is passing as night comes and the sun of day hide in the mountains. Time is going on as you do whatever you want to do, if you work hard, if you do something special then time will give you a gift of success, time is that thing which can’t buy, it is going on passing whatever you do.

2. Happiness:

You cannot buy happiness, but you can work to bring happiness to someone’s face. You can do something for people to make them happy. But you cannot buy it or stole it.


Friendship is a relationship between 2 or more than 2 peoples, it is a type of feeling, friends maybe your class fellow, maybe your relative, it may be any person you feel stable with them. It can’t be stolen, it can’t be bought, friends work together, they share each of there feeling as well as things they have.

4. Love:

Love is a beautiful feeling between a parent and a child, between a teacher and a student, it is a feeling between every relationship, if there is no love there will be no respect, love performs an important part in the relationship, love may be in the form of care, in the form respect comes out, but it will come if you make someone happy by doing some good form them. So it also cannot be bought or stolen from anyone.

5. Hope:

Every person says that the world is developing, the world is based on hope, if you have the hope of being a successful person in your life you shouldn’t lose hope in any condition. Because the darkness of nights always ends with the light of the day. If you have hope you will succeed. If you lose hope then it may be the cause of your failure.

6. Dreams:

Dreams may be of two types, one which can be seen while sleeping and the other which can be seen as asleep. Dreams may be the imagination to become a successful person. Dreams are not those which you think, dreams are those for which you work hard and do anything special to fulfill your aims. It is your own choice it is your own dream, you cannot steal it from someone.

7. Health:

Do you know health is the most important for everything you want to do? If your health is not well your wealth does not matter. If your health is good you do everything you want to do. Health is the first priority for fulfilling your aims and dreams, take care of health today it will take care of your future tomorrow.

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