War and Peace

War and Peace

War and Peace


War is a bad evil, the greatest catastrophe that beats human beings. It creates lots of problems, causing death and destruction, disease and starvation, poverty, and ruin in its wake. One has solely to look back to the disturbance that was shaped in numerous countries, not a few years past, so as to estimate the harmful effects of war. A very heavy aspect of contemporary wars is that they have a tendency to become the world in order that they will engulf the whole world.

But there area unit those that contemplate war as one thing grand and heroic and regard it as one thing that brings out the simplest in men, however, this doesn’t alter the very fact that war could be a terrible, dreadful misfortune.


A look at the past history can tell that war has been a continual development within the history of the nation. No amount in world history has been the devastating effect of war. We’ve had wars of all sorts long and short. Seeable of this it appears futile to speak of permanent and everlasting peace or to create plans for the institution of eternal peace. We have had advocates of non-violence and also the theory of the brotherhood of man. We have had Buddha, Christ, and Gandhi.

However in spite of that, weapons have continuously been used, the military group has continuously been utilized, clashes of arms have continuously occurred; the war has continuously been waged.

War has so been such a marked feature of each age and amount that it’s come back to be considered a part of the traditional lifetime of nations. Statesman, the author of the famed book, The Prince, outlined peace as the associate interval between 2 wars Molise, the famed German Marshall declared war to be a part of God’s world order. Poets and prophets have dreamt of a millennium, a utopia during which war won’t exist and eternal peace can reign on earth.

From War to Peace:

When people cannot live continuously in peace, it is, indeed, too much to expect such a lot of nations to measure during a state of Eternal peace. Besides, there’ll forever be wide variations of opinion between numerous nations, completely different angles of staring at matters that have international importance, radical distinction in policy and beliefs and these cannot be settled by mere discussions. So spot to war becomes necessary in such circumstances.

Before the eruption of warfare II, for example, the unfold of Communism in Russia created distrust and suspicion in Europe, democracy was Associate in Nursing ugliness to Reich, British Conservatives were apprehensive of the likelihood of England going Communist.

In short, the political ideology of one country being offensive to alternative times was under no circumstances contributory to the continuance of peace. Augment all this the standard enemies between nations and international inharmoniousness that have their roots in past history.

For example, the Federal Republic of Germany wanted to penalize the undignified terms obligatory upon her at the conclusion of the war of 1914-18 Associate in nursing desired to smash the land Empire and establish an empire of her own. Past wounds, in fact, weren’t recovered up and involuntary it to require revenge.

A feverish race was occurring between the hostile nations in Associate in nursing of such an occurrence, and demobilization efforts were proving futile. The Indo-Pakistan war was fought over the geographical area issue.
The war in Vietnam Was thanks to ideologic variations. It conjointly seems that if peace were to continue for an extended amount, individuals would become fed up the monotony of life and would get war for a modified man could be an extremely dynamic creature and it appears that he cannot stay easygoing just with works of peace-the cultivation of arts, the event of fabric comforts, the extension of data, the suggests that and appliances of a cheerful life. He desires one thing thrilling Associate in nursing jam-packed with excitement and he fights so as to urge an outlet for his accumulated energy. It should be admitted, too, that war has its smart facet. It spurs men to valorousness and selflessness.

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