What is Depression, It’s Causes, Types, Treatment and How to Avoid Depression

What is Depression, It's Causes, Types, Treatment and How to Avoid Depression

What is Depression, It’s Causes, Types, Treatment and How to Avoid Depression


Often we come around people, all of them having different lives, and also different sufferings. Some people seem happy, some people seem quite… It’s all our perspective of seeing them… But little do we notice what the other person is actually suffering from… One of those painful conditions is depression.

The question arises, what is depression?

Depression is a real cataclysm. It is hell on Earth for those who really have it. It is a deep psychological condition in which the victim faces continual dismay and the feeling that nothing good will ever happen. It is the feeling of deep agony, emotional pain and distress, and sometimes accompanied by feelings of regret and guilt that eats up the victim’s thoughts and positive energy. People who suffer from depression get noticeable changes in their personalities and their lifestyles.

quotes for people who suffer from depression

Causes of Depression

There are many factors that cause depression. The main cause of depression is an occurring of such an event that is strongly against the victim’s interest. Such an occurring that is completely opposite to the views, beliefs, or thoughts of the victim. It is mainly caused by something so strong that is completely impossible for the person to believe. Such a happening gives rise to a mental conflict in the person and mostly the victim starts to overthink all the causes and effects. Doing so for a certain period of time along with being extremely sad gives rise to depression.

Types of behaviours of people who suffer from depression

Depression feelings overthinking

There are two types of behaviours of people who suffer from depression.
  1. One of the behaviour is simple but a little painful for the people who surround the victims. In such a type, the victim gets upset under normal routine and little things and gives out their emotional energy in the form of anger. This type is actually way better than the next to be discussed because here the energy is being out in the form of anger and frustration.
  2. The other type is a destructive one. The people who suffer from this type might not even know they have depression. In this form of depression, the victim seems completely normal to other people. The victim never shows out their true feelings or emotional state to anyone. But when the victim is alone, he/she cries out, screams, protests to themselves, eventually leading them to prefer loneliness over any company. Such a type is destructive.

It has very negative effects on the victim’s mental and physical health. Victims of this type are viable to commit suicide. They have extreme attacks of grief and dismay. The negative energies of these people are often bottled up in themselves, usually because they don’t have the courage to open up to someone, which may lead to suicide or self-harm eventually.

Duration of Depression How long does it take to treat depression?

Duration of any type of depression mainly depends on the victim’s willpower. Another factor that controls it is the presence of the cause. Removal or lowering the certain cause usually lowers down the mental pressure, making depression to become less. By the above-mentioned effects, a person may have a long term or a short term depression.

Treatment and Recovery for Depression

Treatment and Recovery for Depression

There are simple steps to recover from depression.

  • Try to start out a new life
  • Be busy
  • Be around the company of loved friends
  • Talk it out to someone
  • Don’t stay alone too much
  • Go out for recreation
  • Adopt a pet
  • Get a new hobby

And many more things that may help someone to keep their minds distracted from the cause of depression.
Depression, if not recovered, may lead to self-harm, constant emotional distress, mental disorders, hypertension, various mental and physical disorder, suicide and even death by all the causes.

How to avoid from depression

How to Avoid Depression

To avoid depression;

  • Stay happy
  • Let everything goes with the flow
  • Don’t get too much attached to anything
  • Don’t overthink
  • Try to save your heart in certain places
  • Whatever feels uncomfortable just let it go

By making use of all the mentioned details, we can avoid depression and also help those who are in depression in the best way possible.

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