What is Simplicity in life

Simplicity in life quotes

Simplicity in life quotes

Why Simplicity in life?

What’s coming up across your mind when you read this word..?
Being simple..? Being the way we are..?
I asked a couple of friends about this word, simplicity, and yaa… That’s their opinion about it.

About Simplicity in life

Well, that’s true… Something that can be easily explained is simple.

And according to some literature, says that Simplicity is property, condition, or quality when everything can be considered to obtain.

Simplicity in daily life

In the context of the human daily lifestyle, simplicity can denote freedom from excessive and expensive things, material consumption, and psychological distractions.

In some uses, “The word simplicity” can imply nature, beauty in life, natural purity, or clarity. In other cases, the term may have negative connotations, as when referring to people as simpletons.

Everything that appears in us is the reflection of ourselves from anything that comes upon our minds. For example, someone can look so happy, looks beautiful, looks energetics, looks fresh, and anything good if they have positive thoughts. And someone may be looks mashed up, looks sad, looks bad because they have negative thoughts on their minds.

Simplicity is a propositional mindset and lifestyle, not excessive over something and is able to make the priorities of all the things that needed.

Simplicity in Islam

In Islam, Allah has remained in the Qur’an that He truly does not love those who are excessive (al-A’raf/7: 31). Islam gives priority to simplicity. It’s not allowing us to eats, drinks, wear of something, even in worshiping Him in excessively way.

The ability to be sincere, with all of heart and soul to receive every condition in our life, trying to be fair and be grateful for everything we have and we get and also keep using it in a good way that maybe what simplicity is.

For me, simplicity is modesty. Be the way I am as my Lord Allah Azza’ Wajallah has created me. To life good, be good, and do good, worshipping Him.
(but as a human it’s not really easy for me then I made so many mistakes).

Best Example of Simplicity

But if you really want to know what simplicity is, just look at the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. All the things in him are the perfect example of simplicity.

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