What is the best behavior change plan

behavior change plan

What is the best behavior change plan

As everything is changing around the world like technology, environment, facilities, different situation and you will feel changes in every day life routine, in short, if all these things changed then absolutely the behavior will also be changed bad or good.

The mechanism of the human brain

In some situations, the person doesn’t want a specific behavior so he will try to change the behavior but it is not easy if you don’t have control or don’t know the mechanism of the human brain. If you are looking for how to change the behavior then you are in the right place. Here I will show you how to really change the behavior, The behavior is not easy to change if you don’t know the mechanism of the human brain.

The human brain is just like a powerful machine that controls the whole body and manages it. Parents want to change the children’s behavior and the teacher also wants to change their student behavior and so on.

So here I come with the best formula that can change the behavior easily. The formula is the sum of 3 factors if you change one of these factors it will affect the behavior too.

The Simple Mathematics Formula

1              + 1           + 1                  = 3

1 Senses  +1 Filters + 1 Mindsets = 3 Behavior

The formula is so simple

Now let’s try to understand it one by one. These are the simple rules that whenever you changing the input the output automatically changed itself if you don’t then it will be not so.

Like parents want to change the specific behavior of their child but they will affect negatively.
So this is the main key that changed the input.

Try to change

  1. Senses
  2. Filters
  3. and Mindsets.

1: Senses:

The most important related factor is Human senses, What are Senses you have already heard about 5 Human senses like Smell, Touch, Taste, EyeSight, and Hearing are the main 5 Senses. When one you talk about delicious food the story will itself become in the mind of you. If I talk about roses the rose smell will come in your mind, favorite dishes smell, etc.

2: Filters

Every Mind has set different types of filters, like more than 70,000 pieces of information strike on the human brain, so it is difficult to process all the information so filters manage them or process only those information that is related to cultures, beliefs, norms, values, and religion.

3: Mindsets:

Your behavior also depend on your mindset what type of mindsets you have, Human being and Animal have different mindsets the difference is base of choices,

There are three levels in mindsets that exist on both human and animal brain Fight, Flight and freeze, So Always be positive in mindsets, to be positive you should choose the proper use of words, The negative waves will create the negative result.

Keep smiling 🙂


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