Why do bad things happen to me , life quotes

Why do bad things happen to me , life quotes, positive quotes

Why do bad things happen to me, life quotes

When we did bad things then we are being in so bad mood, so upset, sadness, Depression, Enemy, Rejection, broken, Mistakes, Insult, Failure, Goals, Frustration, Future, Past, Exhaustion, Issues in life, Parents, worried, worthless, hopeless and helpless.

The only thing you want is happiness and a peaceful life. Live happily in every single moment. Every single moment represents your life. Take every single moment and make it perfect. Take your good decision. Do good and have good

Let’s ask for Allah forgiveness, many of us repent many times but failed many times too. But many of us don’t stop and will repent again and try to be a good one. If you try and fail, congratulation most people won’t even try.
No one is coming to save you, it’s your life, it’s your responsibility, be responsible learn with your mistakes. Let’s be good together and say sorry for all the things we did.

Remember When someone tries to commit sin don’t forget to remember these three things the first thing is Death, the second one that Allah is watching you and the life moments you spent are recording by Angels. May Allah forgive us

I am here want to show you an amazing website where you have to just type in your real emotions and the current feelings you have e.g. ANGRY, ANXIOUS, CONFUSED, EXCITED, etc. And it gives you an Ayat of Surah that correlates with it. It’s so beautiful click here and checks it out ” Sujood.co” Pass it to everyone you know. This is awesome. Be happy!



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