Why is it important to educate a woman in our society?

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Why is it important to educate a woman in our society?

Today education is very important in our society because illiteracy has many disadvantages for our daily living basis, jobs, success, and other fields of life. Whenever we got an opportunity to do something best we cannot do that because of an incomplete education. Education plays an important role in our society to become a good man when a man is educated it means a man is educated but when a woman is educated it means all the whole world is educated because she will teach her children, houses, and other people. Widow women if they are uneducated they will face many problems, related to her, her children, her family each and every problem she cannot face easily. But when a woman is educated she will face every problem bravely and she will be able to treat their children strongly, no one will be degraded, nowadays education is very important for women and girls, our government should provide us good girls educational institutes in which they will get education freely and according to their Islam, also government should provide us best female teachers for us, every department should be eligible for women. Education is important for a girl, a sister, a mother, and a daughter.

A woman is a very weak personality but when they get the education they become strong.

The best field for women is the doctor, nurse, and teacher. You may be a son or daughter of a good mother, your behavior, way of talking and way of behaving show your parent’s character to you, education will teach you how to react, how to behave, how to study, and how to go for a better future. Female education is very important in our society because our society is very much weak in the respect of women, girls and old ladies. We should teach our daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives as well.

We should provide them good educational institutes, schools, colleges, academies for education, we should provide them, good teachers, for giving them the right information about their grades and their subject wise topic. Our women should know the rights of husbands, parents, brothers, mothers, and children they should be treated according to Islam. There should be also provided Islamic institutes for the Islamic education of women that they should know about the Quran and Sunnah and live their lives according to the wives of our HOLY PROPHET (SAW).

By doing all these jobs our women will succeed in our society in every manner, every person will know about human rights because education is very important to live a better and peaceful life according to the Quran and sunnah.



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