Why is Mona Lisa so famous painting in the world

Why is Mona Lisa so famous painting in the world

Why is Mona Lisa so famous painting in the world

Why is Mona Lisa so famous painting in the world

Why Mona Lisa the most famous painting in the world?
Is it because of her enigmatic smile?
Or because of the mystery surrounding her identity?
Or because it was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci?
The Answer is No.

Surely, it is a masterpiece.
But in the early 1900’s it was not much famous
But thanks to a thief who made the painting world famous.

The Mona Lisa was stolen on 21st August 1911.
Vincenzo Peruggia, An Italian was working at the Louvre Museum in France.
He was given the job to make a glass frame for Mona Lisa.
After finishing the work he did not leave the gallery.
He hid inside a closet all night long.

vincenzo peruggia, Mona Lisa

The next morning, when the gallery opened.
Peruggia left the Museum with the Mona Lisa rolled inside his jacket.
On the first day, no one even noticed the missing painting.
The Gallery workers thoughts the painting was in the restoration process.

Mona Lisa was not much popular at that time.
So it was not even guarded much.
The painting was not even fixed to the wall.
But after 2 days a sketch artist visited the museum to draw the portrait of Mona Lisa.
That is when he reported the authority about the missing picture.
The theft was reported by Media worldwide.
All newspapers published about the painting on the front page.

Louvre become famous.
People came to the museum just to see the empty space on the wall.
The police were unable to find any trace.
They even suspended Pablo Picasso!
While the real thief Peruggia disappeared.

In the next two years, everyone had forgotten about the painting.
In 1913, an art dealer Alfredo Geri received a strange letter.
The writer of the letter claimed to have the stolen Mona Lisa painting.
He even offered to sell it.
The art dealer met Peruggia in Florence, Italy.
He Authenticated that the painting was the original one.
Peruggia hid the painting underneath in his bedroom for the past two years.

Soon Peruggia was arrested by the police.
In the court, when he was asked why he had stolen it.
He said that he had fallen in love with Mona Lisa.
He also said that the painting belonged to Italy, Since Da Vinci was Italian.
So he wanted to bring that picture back home.
But he was wrong.

Da Vinci, Mona Lisa

Da Vinci spent his last year in France.
Vinci had sold the Mona Lisa to the french King Francois 1.
So the Mona Lisa was restored in the Louvre, France.
Peruggia was sentenced to only 1 year in jail.
But He was portrayed as a patriot by his lawyer.
On the other hand, Mona Lisa becomes the most famous painting in the world.

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