Why you keep letting someone hurts your feelings

someone hurts your feelings

Why you keep letting someone hurts your feelings

When you give yourself to someone who does not value you, you’re giving them someone to use. To them, you are an object. Something to do when they’re bored. Don’t wait for them to change; it will lead to endless disappointment & heartache.

You need to understand that you don’t need anyone to be happy in your life. Your happiness lies inside of you and you can be happy without them. Sure people can bring a way in which you can be happy but they can’t bring happiness with them. You need to understand and consistently remind yourself that you can be happy without them, People are going to leave now and then no one’s going to consistently stay in your life. There are exceptions but there is no telling when they will leave.

So you do not need those people who hurt you.

(1) Stop depending upon people in order to be happy.

Giving yourself away to the people who do not value you. They use you here and then you do not need to remove those toxic people from your life, you are far better than them. They will always try to bring you down why because you let them. You let them use you. Why you let them use you because you feel that you need them in your life but that’s the wrong concept. You don’t need anyone in your life in order to be happy, you only need yourself. You only need those people who keep you happy.

There will be people in your life who'll value you

(2) There will be people in your life who’ll value you.

There might be people in your life who value you but you can’t see them because you are busy trying to attain the attention of the person who doesn’t even care if you are alive or not.

So stop wasting time around that kind of toxic people in your life. They are toxic for you, for your future and for your well being. Try to open your eyes and see those people around you who do care and who do an attempt to stay in your life no matter what the circumstances. Even if you don’t have people like that wait for them. Don’t ruin yourself in the hands of people who are toxic to you. You don’t need those toxic people in your life in order to be happy you. Just need yourself for inner peace and those people around you who bring out the best in you.

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